5 Things to Know About Custom Picture Framing

5 Things to Know About Custom Picture Framing

Sydney hosts Australia’s one of the most coveted photography festivals, ‘Head On,’ featuring some brilliant art pieces. Such a piece of art requires a frame that not only protects it but also integrates with it aesthetically, and with custom picture frames in Sydney, you can eliminate your concerns regarding framing needs. Moreover, the service provider delivering services right at your doorstep will further add to your convenience by saving time and preventing the chance of damage. However, before opting for such services, you should keep a few things in mind. 

Know the aesthetics

It is crucial that the frame you are selecting matches the room’s decor and complements the aesthetics of the artwork. Hence, the choice of the frame should not be based on the home’s decor, as it may change over time. You can create a perfect frame for your item with custom picture frames in Sydney. Whether your artwork requires a natural wooden frame or an ornate golden frame, you can have total control to decide the frame’s look and get the services delivered accordingly.

Quality and durability

You likely want to frame the jersey of your favourite sports icon, but without proper quality framing, the memorabilia could be damaged. With over 40 picture framing services in Sydney, you may have difficulty choosing the one that would give justice to the memorabilia. So, you need to look for framers that use acid-free materials for framing. It would even be better to get specialised UV glass framing to ensure protection against sun damage.  

Glazing and matting options

Glazing ensures that your artwork is protected and adds to its aesthetic appeal. You can have different glazing options for customising your frames. You can go for traditional glass for a clear finish that looks fantastic in the right light. Or, you could go for acrylic, which will offer more durability than glass. You should remember that glass and acrylic can be available at different conservation levels. So, it is best to discuss your options with the professional to get advice on the best product for framing your item.  

Matting also enhances the overall appearance of an artwork. Some art pieces catch the viewers’ attention due to a lot of white space around them. Some look best without any matting at all. It is impossible to control the style and quality of matting in readymade frames. Still, with the customisation, you have a lot of flexibility in determining the final look of your prized possession.


The right choice of backing is required to ensure protection for your artwork. The safest option is the use of foam boards that easily fits any frame size. It is best to avoid cardboard and MDF, which might otherwise damage the artwork. You can also get aluminium bonded backing for your high-glass photos. So, weigh all your options with the professional to get the proper support.


While a standard frame in any retail store in Sydney costs around $50, a professional framer can charge double the price. The price depends on several factors like glass type, matting, frame size, and the level of expertise required. However, it is best to get a quote from the service provider to have an accurate estimate.   

If you are unsure about framing options for your favourite piece of art or memorabilia, you can always choose customised services. It will help you choose from various options by considering your decor, style, and budget

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