6 Astrology Tips To Help You Get A Promotion At Work

6 Astrology Tips To Help You Get A Promotion At Work

If you’re an astrology enthusiast, then you probably know that your zodiac sign can tell you much more than just the day of the week that you were born on. Astrology also has a lot to say about your relationships, your love life, and even your work life!

A promotion at work can be one of the most exciting things to happen in your career. But, if you don’t get that promotion you’ve been working so hard towards, it can be incredibly disappointing and even disheartening to keep trying when it seems like no progress is being made. Fortunately, there are ways to use astrology to improve your chances of getting that promotion!

If you want to get ahead at work, try paying attention to these six astrology tips that are designed to help improve your career prospects and make it easier to get promoted.

Apply Kesar Tilak

Kesar Tilak is an astrological remedy for those who desire and wish to get a promotion at work. Kesar or Saffron is used in numerous astrological remedies as it has positive effects on many health aspects such as balancing mind, body, and spirit; reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and fear; aiding in digestion; alleviating pain.

Face East Direction While Working

If you want to get a promotion, it’s no secret that you need to be strategic in how you position yourself at work. Research suggests that being strategic with your seating arrangement can help boost productivity and happiness among employees.

East-facing offices have a lot of sunlight during the day and tend to generate higher levels of positive energy compared to rooms on other sides of the compass. Don’t worry about feeling self-conscious about positioning your office seat towards east—spatial relationships are actually perceived differently by others in relation to their own space.

In other words, people won’t notice if your desk is positioned away from the east as long as they’re not sitting directly opposite you!

Feed Mixed Grains To Birds

Birds have always been a symbol of wisdom and fortune. In your dream, if you are feeding them Mixed Grains then it means you will get a promotion at work. Your hard work and perseverance will be recognized and appreciated by your bosses, which means you will be promoted to a higher rank within your company.

Mixed Grains symbolize that hard work and dedication can help achieve goals in your professional life; more so than any other method or luck alone. You are also encouraged to treat yourself and enjoy life’s pleasures rather than being driven by materialism or greed. Be sure to think positive thoughts while dreaming of birds or feeding them Mixed Grains as they also mean an increase in wealth coming into your life!

Place A Small Idol Of God On Your Work Station

Most of us end up leaving small idols or figures of God on our workstations to remind us that we should perform our work in an unbiased manner, do our work, and leave it at that. These small figurines also help in improving our performance as we feel inclined to do good at all times. Statues have always been an important part of almost every religion.

Even today, these statues are placed in various places such as homes and offices to increase a positive vibe and remind you about your duties. One reason why you should keep idols on your desk is that they bring positivity into your life and make you focus better on your tasks.

Each idol will bring something unique for each individual making them believe more in themselves so that they can achieve better results for their company.

Use A Green Coloured Cloth On Your Work Station

Your workstation needs to be in order to get a promotion at work. Avoid superstitions and don’t believe in them but there are certain things that can have a very positive effect on your promotion. Use a green-colored cloth on your workstation because green stands for change and progress which means promotion.

It will bring positivity to your workplace, office, or any other working environment as it’s good for everyone, not just you. As green is also said to represent money, wearing something that has green color might help you with your career as well.

Wear something green every day like an earring or shoes so that they bring positive energy into you when you need it most!

Feed Cows

If you are looking for a promotion, they should consider feeding cows. Cow milk is rich in calcium and zinc. It helps to improve memory and mental skills.

The more milk you drink during lunch breaks, the more likely your mind will get sharper and improve your thinking capacity. At work, you can focus on work more without being distracted by outside stimuli such as people around you or noise from traffic.

This way you can do your job very efficiently in an organized manner without stress as well as pressure. Moreover, since feeding cows and drinking milk makes your brain stronger; even if there are big projects at work, it will be easy for them to complete them with ease in an organized way.


Astrology is helpful in exploring your career perspective and knowing about your traits which can help you to get a promotion at work. Career Astrology prediction helps people to know about their future job, knowledge base of a certain profession, what opportunities are suitable for them and how they can be successful workers. It also gives tips to make you focus on your capabilities, attitude, and skills that will make you more efficient at work. A personalized report is prepared by expert Astrologers after analyzing all details like birth date and time, location of birth, etc. to give precise astrological information based on Horoscope Map or Kundli.

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