6 Best Online Human Physiology Courses

6 Best Online Human Physiology Courses

Human anatomy and physiology help in a sound foundation for clinical scientific studies that involve medical and nursing programs. Physiology is the study of how various organs function in a living being. Human physiology is related to functional attributes of different vital organs like the heart, liver, musculoskeletal system, brain, etc in the human body. Physiology is a vast subject and ranges from cellular and tissue to complex anatomical systems and subsystems like cardiovascular systems.

Unless one comprehends physiology, it is difficult to understand homeostasis- an equilibrium state of the human body where all bodily functions are carried out perfectly like a well-oiled machine.

Online courses for physiology students

Online courses that are both preparatory courses for main subjects or addendum certificates that help in earning extra credit are increasing as the demand for virtual education is on the rise. Human physiology is exhaustive and regular coursework is divided into syllabi depending on the anatomical categories. Usually, human anatomy and physiology are taught as a combined subject in many courses. Here are a few places where aspiring students can learn physiology online

  • MedTech platforms

AI and deep learning models adopted by MedTech platforms help students learn courses like anatomy and physiology through exploratory and immersive videos with 3D animated simulations. Lecturio’s Online Physiology Course is one such platform where a student can emulate their performance in physiology courses and test their knowledge through smart-recall quizzes.

  • University Of North Dakota

An online course in – Human Anatomy and Physiology; is offered by the University of North Dakota. It is designed to be self-paced learning but a student needs to complete it between 3-9 months. The course offers 3 credits and is completely online.

Topics that are covered in this course include cells, tissues, skin, skeletal, muscle, nervous, and endocrine systems to name a few. Each credit costs close to a $350 fee and students will be awarded an online certificate upon successful application. The course uses virtual textbooks and video recordings followed by practice questions that carry participation points.

  • University of Chicago

Chicago university offers a 100% online course that is related to – The Neurology of the Brain. It is a course where the student can learn the function of the nervous system, how behavior is controlled by the brain, the functional use of the brain for regular everyday activities, and common problems related to neuroscience that affect the mobility of the body. The course also teaches about human neuroanatomy and neural communication. The physiology of the human body’s central nervous system is a marvel and this course attempts to help students understand these concepts through an online course that is certified upon successful completion.

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  • University of Michigan

An online course the Anatomy and Physiology of the gastrointestinal, endocrine, and reproductive system is conducted by the University of Michigan. It is a self-paced course that is beginner level and can be taken to comprehend the basics of physiology with the said functional organs in the body. The certificate awarded at the end of the course is sharable. The assignments and quizzes are graded with peer feedback for self-assessment.

  • University of Pennsylvania

Penn endeavors in its efforts to make quality education accessible through virtual formats through its life sciences online programs. It offers a 100% online and self-paced online course related to the topic- The vital signs- understanding what the body is trying to tell.

Vital signs of the body like blood oxygen levels, pulse rate, and blood pressure indicate the range in which one can understand if the organs are working normally or if there is some critical danger to the patient. This is a very important course for anyone who is taking up nursing programs or wants to work as a clinical assistant.

  • University of Colorado – Boulder

UC Boulder offers a 100% online program, designed for self-learning with shareable certificates awarded upon completion in the topic -Science of exercise. Learners of this course understand the physiological responses of the body after exercise and physical activity. The endurance levels of the body and the factors that can affect performance are studied by sports and exercise physiologists. This course is helpful for people in physical therapy, chiropractor, and physiotherapy courses or professions.

A better understanding of the body will help people take up their physical activity seriously and turn around an active lifestyle among the patient population. Learners will be able to apply heart rate monitoring, nutrition logs, and daily calorie expenditure to their stats and understand the importance of physical activity in a healthy lifestyle including prevention and treatment of heart diseases, weight loss, and diabetes management.

Physiology: Scope of the subject

A bachelor’s in physiology and allied life science will be able to branch out into different fields where the subject knowledge is in demand in the fields of science, academics, and medicine. A physiology background will help one logically think about the cause of any disease afflicted changes that hamper the normal physiological conditions of a body. Career prospects for physiology majors range from research, diagnostics, medicine, healthcare, pharma, and clinical studies.

Physiology students are trained to think critically and are curiosity-driven in learning about the disease-causing reasons that impact the functions of the body. Physiologists can apply for related jobs such as research associate, exercise physiologist, healthcare scientist, and clinical trials coordinator.


Physiology has a tremendous impact on medical science. A lot of innovations in the field of medical science are possible only with a deeper understanding of the physiological implications of different organs and inter-organ communication.

It is the foundation subject upon which we build our theory about what life is and what diseases affect various parts of the body and their functions. For instance, physiology helps one understand that serum albumin levels rise when a person experiences dehydration. A higher albumin level will lead to fatigue and unconsciousness in a person. Understanding the cause of any symptoms is possible only through deeper comprehension and a better grasp of the physiological aspects of the body in different conditions like temperature, nutrition, and disease afflictions.

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