A Guide to the Best IDLE Berserker Tier List by Redfinger

A Guide to the Best IDLE Berserker Tier List by Redfinger

Do you wish to find a thorough IDLE Berserker tier list guide to pick the top heroes for your squad? This guide has all the advice and tactics you need to make a successful team in this thrilling mobile title. You won’t have to look further than this guide to get all the information you need.

The IDLE Berserker roster evaluates characters in order of power and utility within the game. Heroes are divided into S-Tier (the most effective) to D-Tier (the least potent), and each tier holds many heroes. Although the tier list is a beneficial beginning for selecting your heroes, it is vital to keep in mind that it is not the exclusive factor to take into account when forming your team.

Therefore, let’s plunge head first into the IDLE Berserker tier list and browse some advice and plans for selecting the ideal characters for your group.

Heroes of the Highest Tier

IDLE Berserker boasts the most potent and helpful heroes as part of its S-Tier selection. It is recommended that players strive to always have at least one of these heroes on their team. A few of the S-Tier heroes are:

Valkyrie – This champion is an outstanding selection for those looking for a hero that can provide strength, inflict damage, heal comrades, and exercise crowd control.

Those seeking a character who can take the brunt of the enemy’s assaults and counter-attack with power should certainly contemplate Blood Tooth. This hero is known for its robust defensive capabilities, making it a strong selection.

A Blade Master is a hero that offers players a combination of speed, agility, and the power to inflict intense damage with their sword, making them an optimal pick for those seeking that type of hero.

Top-Level Heroes

A-Tier heroes can be very advantageous in the game, though they may not be quite as strong as S-Tier ones. A few of these characters include:

Phoenix – Players looking for a hero with the capacity to cause immense destruction through its fire-based assaults will find this champion an attractive selection.

Demon Hunter – Those looking for a hero that can inflict ongoing damage through its venomous strikes will find this hero to be an ideal pick.

Those seeking a champion who is able to withstand attacks and retaliate with powerful blows against foes might find Mountain God to be an ideal pick.

Other Notable Heroes

When selecting a team, B-Tier heroes can be viable, though they are not as powerful as those in the A-Tier or S-Tier. Examples of B-Tier heroes include:

Players who need a hero that can both heal allies and use scythe attacks to inflict damage may find Soul Reaper to be a viable choice.

Players looking for a champion who can immobilize foes with their shots from a bow and cause harm through bow assaults should consider Wolf Rider as an option.

Sorcerer – This hero provides crowd control capabilities and offers damage through magical attacks, making it an excellent selection for those looking for these attributes.

Heroes in the C-Tier

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If you find yourself without any other options, you might consider selecting one of the C-Tier heroes in the game; however, they are not known for their strength or usefulness. Among this tier are some of the following:

A hero who is able to take and deal damage is not the best option for players searching for The Bear Warrior.

Dark Mage – When it comes to dealing damage with magical assaults and controlling a large group of enemies, the Dark Mage is not the ideal choice for players.

The Green Dragon is not a viable option for those seeking a hero that can use dragon breath attacks to inflict harm, as it is lacking in strength.

Heroes of the D Grade

At the lowest end of the spectrum, the D-Tier heroes are not typically the most advantageous to pick. It is recommended to stay away from them unless there is no other choice. A few of the characters in this tier are:

Players looking for a hero to deal damage with a spear should not select the Goblin because it lacks strength.

Players would not find the Fairy an ideal option for healing allies and using wand attacks because it has limited potency.

Orc Warrior – Due to its fragility, the Orc Warrior would not be an ideal option for those searching for a hero that can both take and dish out damage.

In Summary

This Berserker Tier List is a general overview, but for more information on their abilities, damage, and proficiency, further reading can be found in other articles. To stay informed with the latest updates, keep tabs on the Redfinger Android emulator.

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