Different Types Of Modular Kitchen Layouts

Different Types Of Modular Kitchen Layouts

Your kitchen is where all magic is spruced up. Whether it is a delightful meal you intend to prepare or sip calmly on a cup of coffee while relaxing on your dinette in the kitchen, having the perfect kitchen layout to support your daily routine in the kitchen is a must. While apartment life doesn’t allow for a sprawling kitchen, brands like Wakefit are pioneers offering modern modular kitchen designs that will help you keep even the smallest of kitchens clutter-free, hygienic and stylish – as it should be!

What is a Modular Kitchen Design?

A modular kitchen is a trending modern-day kitchen concept that supports the idea of saving space while offering plenty of storage solutions. The latter is done by fitting cabinets, shelves, and drawers in a minimalist manner. The advantage of having modular kitchens is that the fittings can be assembled and reassembled as and when you move apartments. It gives a neat and functional look to your kitchen, read on to learn about the different types of designs.

Different Types of Modular Kitchen Design

The beauty of a simple modular kitchen design is that it doesn’t need to be built from scratch and instead can be fit according to our taste. Here are some common modular kitchen design layouts used in apartments:

  1. L Shaped Modular Kitchen

The most common one yet the best layout for all sizes of kitchens. The L shaped modular kitchen design has its counters spread out in an L shape, adjacent to the two walls. The biggest benefit of having this layout is that it allows the user to move between the cooking hob, refrigerator, and sink with great efficiency. The working triangle with cabinets above counters also gives plenty of floor space to keep additional furniture and electronics around. In addition, it offers plenty of areas to host more people in the kitchen on your dinette – in case you were planning a soiree in the kitchen!

  1. U Shape Modular Kitchen Design

This U shape modular kitchen design layout has three counters running against three walls that take the shape of a ‘U’. Considered perfect for a kitchen that’s larger in size, the options are plenty to divide three walls for three different functions. With the U-shape modular kitchen design, one can keep all storage options with cabinets on one wall, the cooking hob and drawers on the other, and the third wall dedicated to kitchen appliances only. This allows for the cook to move freely between counters for each activity. While this design encourages plenty of storage space, the foot space may be slightly lesser considering the three walls of the kitchen are used. However, it’s the ideal solution for smaller kitchens where you want to ensure using every space available!

  1. Straight Modular Kitchen

If you are someone who is looking for a wooden modular kitchen, then the straight modular kitchen is the best option. In this design, cabinets and shelves are placed in a linear line giving a beautiful view of the wooden finish. Stylish and compact, the straight modular kitchen works great for studio apartments, open kitchen apartments, and small modular kitchen spaces. Choosing a long wall to fit the straight modular kitchen can give you a larger kitchen look while leaving scope for alterations later, should you need them in the future.

  1. Island Kitchen

Which interior magazine is complete without an island modular kitchen design? Saved for families that love to hang out in the kitchen and have a genuine love for design, an island modular kitchen design ticks all boxes. The benefit of this layout is that the island (an unconnected workspace) can be attached to any existing layout. Particularly, if you have a lot of floor space in the kitchen. Place the island in the center of the layout, unconnected to other counter spaces, and create a little haven to prepare meals, cook or wash dishes! Pump up the style quotient by using marble tops and accessories.

  1. Peninsula Modular Kitchen

The G-shaped peninsula modular kitchen design is a beautiful combination of the U-shaped and island kitchen. The extra standing workspace attached to the counter offers a spectacular option to use for chopping or keeping appliances. This type of kitchen design offers the best of both worlds and encourages seamless functions like cooking, storing, washing dishes, etc. Clubbed with windows on the wall, this design has the scope to make your kitchen look larger with plenty of floor space.

The perfect small kitchen solution is a perfect modular kitchen design. Living in a crowded city comes with its cons, the first is the lack of space for storing away belongings. With modular kitchen designs and layouts, even the smallest of kitchens have the potential to look stylish, offer more floor space, and stow away crockery, pans, and pots that you just don’t want to give away. Apply these solutions to existing kitchen layouts and enjoy the serene combination of clutter-free kitchens and style.

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