Essential Things to Know about Vinyl Stickers

Essential Things to Know about Vinyl Stickers

Clear vinyl stickers are fully waterproof. They have a crystal clear nature which permits you to see through them when these stickers are applied on surfaces. These stickers are suited to bath or body and food or drink labels. Today, you can find multipurpose custom clear stickers which come in a foil finish and thus look quite attractive. Such stickers allow you to focus on the main content inside. So, you can easily inspect the product without the label hiding it. They also impart more elegance to your brand. With them, you don’t need to go to the trouble of designing a label background. Below are some key things you should know about them. 

Customized Clear Stickers are Versatile and Durable 

When you have a clear sticker label with you, there isn’t any limit to what you can think in terms of design. You can explore several design elements like shapes, pictures, and colours. Of course, you would require considering the remaining packaging and check if the design works with it. But with these stickers, it is easy to make adjustments. You are not limited by anything. So, achieving a seamless design that combines well with the container is straightforward. Customized clear stickers are also quite durable because they are made with tough polyester material. This material makes the label perfect for products exposed to various conditions. They are ideal for beverages and food items that need to be transported from one place to another or exposed to extreme temperatures. The sturdy polyester material can tolerate extreme conditions without compromising its attractive appearance.

Experiment with a Range of Sizes and Shapes

There’s no end to creatively showcasing your brand regarding such stickers. Today you can find custom clear stickers in multiple shapes like oval, circle, square and rectangle. If you have a specific shape in your mind and don’t want to go with any of these shapes mentioned, you can also get it in a custom size. Similarly, you can find stickers in a variety of sizes. 

In oval shapes, you can get a 1.6X1.2-inches sticker. In circular shapes, you can get 1.5X1.5-inches, 2X2-inches and 2.5X2.5-inches stickers. Square stickers are available in 2X2-inches and 2.5X2.5-inches sizes. You can order rectangular stickers in 3X2-inches, 2X1-inches, 2.5X1.5-inches and 3.5X2-inches sizes. 

Furthermore, you can also select the colour process you want. You can choose from a full-colour process to white ink underneath plus a full-colour process. 

Uses of Customized Clear Vinyl Stickers 

These stickers give a beautiful matte or glossy finish. White matte removable vinyl stickers are durable and can be ordered as handouts and pages. White glossy permanent vinyl stickers are great for industrial applications. For instance, you can use it for property identification and safety labels. These stickers are also suitable for promoting your business. You can create stunning window signage using them. 

The clear sticker facilitates transparency. That’s why you will often see them being applied on glass windows. These stickers are also perfect for adding a touch of flare to your artwork. For enhancing your artwork, you can use metalized vinyl stickers. These are very high quality and made to last. 
Clear vinyl stickers are available in a range of sizes and custom shapes. Businesses should consider using them to highlight their logos, content, and general promotion. Their presence on something certainly raises the style quotient and makes the product look beautiful.

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