Is it possible to follow EMI without a credit card, and which is the best card?

slice EMI without a credit card

EMI is the acronym for Electronic Money Institution. It’s a financial service that provides services and facilities for electronic money. It’s a digital payment method that enables customers to make purchases online, withdraw cash from ATMs and transfer funds among accounts.

There are many different ways you can get your hands on an EMI card, but it’s essential to know which one is the best option for you. The best credit card to use as an EMIs provider is the MasterCard or Visa because they’re accepted anywhere globally, and they offer a consistent level of protection.

How to Buy Products on EMI Without a Credit Card?

Buying big products on credit is one of the many perks of credit cards. To afford these items would be difficult if you only had a debit card. Just making an EMI payment helps you make the purchase.

This is a great finding! There are a few E-Commerce websites that allow you to buy high-priced products without having to pay with your credit card.

There are so many options available for purchasing your products and starting with just a few minutes per day can quickly lead to ongoing savings. Online shopping, as well as in-person transactions, are both great options where No Cost EMIs are available.

Non-Credit Card EMI options:-

The non-credit card EMIs to choose from in the market have been listed below:

  • Debit card
  • Amazon Pay EMI
  • Through Post Dated Cheques

About the Non-Credit Card EMI options: –

  • Debit card:

Almost every major bank offers the facility of monthly instalment payments through their debit cards. They can be made online or offline and do not require any money transaction to actually make the purchase. However, the conversion would still take place.

  • Amazon Pay EMI:

Amazon has introduced an EMI facility that allows customers to avail credit without the hassle of cancellation, pre-closure, or processing fees. This service is available only for a select set of customers and if you are one among them then apply now!

  • Through Post Dated Cheques:

A number of offline stores carry items that can be paid with a post-dated cheque. To make this possible, customers need to submit various documents.

In the race to digitize financial services in India, slice is one of the fresh faces in India’s credit card market. It is an app-based credit card company that helps users to access their money from any mobile device with a simple swipe.

How to apply for the various Non-credit card EMI options?

  • Debit Card:

You might be eligible for accidental EMI on your debit card. Just check with your bank to see if it offers such a facility.

  • Amazon Pay EMI:

An EMI offer is available only to select Amazon customers and they will be required to complete a one-time setup. These are available only from the app and there’s a minimum value of Rs.3,000

  • Through Post Dated Cheques:

You need to have a bank account and enough postdated cheques for cashiers of stores to verify when you make your purchase.

List of items that can be bought with the Non-Credit Card EMI facility:-

The list of items that qualify for the EMI facility purchase is quite long, but here are a few popular ones among them.

  • Electronics like television, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.
  • Gadgets items like smartphones, laptops, headphones, smartwatches, etc.
  • Fashion items like apparel, handbags, clutches, etc.
  • Home décor items like indoor furnishings, decorative craft products, etc.

How to avail the Non-Credit Card EMI facility to purchase products?

Debit Card:

  • For purchases that you make offline, choose your bank’s debit card option and then contact their customer care center to convert the transaction into an EMI.
  • You can do all your shopping on popular  e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart by choosing or creating an account and then selecting the ‘Easy Instalments’ from the payments method and then your debit card EMI option. If you select, for example, Barclays Bank as your card issuer, this will allow you to buy things online with little to no struggle.
  • Should you ever have an issue with your debit card you can contact your bank’s customer service center. They may also be able to provide special account numbers and/or EMI facilities in order to make life easier.

Amazon Pay EMI:

  • If you’re shopping on the Amazon website, there’s a form on that page where you can apply for an Amazon Pay EMI card. Just fill out your name and some personal details, followed by entering the DIN number from the back of your Aadhar card.
  • When you submit your personal application, you may be given a low-interest rate or an EMI limit. Just check the details carefully and if it doesn’t match up with what you expected, contact the company.
  • You need to accept the terms & conditions and link a bank account or debit card for payment upon purchase.
  • For best pricing, select the EMI option and make a purchase through You will have to complete the payment later by filling out your bank details in order to receive your purchases.

Through Post Dated Cheques:

  • You can avail of post-dated cheques from select offline retailers to buy products at 4% interest. To do this, you will have to submit a list of documents with the EMI offer that are required and these would include a certain number of post-dated cheques for each product.
  • The retailer will deposit the cheques on their due date, so your bank account is debited every month until the entire amount is paid. You are also charged a small interest by the retailer, which is fair.

Just because you are living life on the edge does not mean that you should have to carry old-school credit cards with you. An e-money management service has made it possible for consumers by EMI without credit card to enjoy mobile and digital payments without having to use a real credit card.

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