Is it safe to share sex toys with others?

Is it safe to share sex toys with others

Sharing sex toys opens the door to double the pleasure, ushering in exciting avenues for discovering your body and your partner’s. Yet, while it multiplies the ecstasy of post-play contentment, it’s crucial to be aware of potential drawbacks. Fortunately, safe sharing of sex toys is entirely possible.

As always, knowledge brings pleasure, and we’re here to offer that knowledge.

Are Sex Toys a Cause for Concern?

Let’s address the facts: not all sex toys are created equal. Due to being categorized as ‘novelty items’ by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the sex toy industry operates with minimal regulation. This underscores the importance of conducting your own research.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions: Are vibrators safe? Which materials should I avoid? What measures can I adopt for a healthy approach to self-pleasure? Engaging in thoughtful discussions paves the way for satisfying and wholesome experiences.

To safeguard against potential infections from sex toys, it’s crucial to opt for products crafted from high-quality, ‘body safe’ materials, while steering clear of porous substances like jelly or rubber, which can harbor bacteria.

If a company doesn’t provide material information, it’s best to avoid. At officialtherosetoy, we prioritize complete transparency, evident on every product page—we never stock items made from harmful materials.

Can You Contract an STD from a Sex Toy?

In brief, yes, it’s possible to contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI) from a sex toy. STDs spread through semen, blood, and vaginal fluids when exchanged between individuals. Picture this scenario: using a dildo on a partner and then using the same toy for self-stimulation, or vice versa. This can lead to an exchange of bodily fluids through the sex toy. However, there are straightforward measures to prevent this:

1. Thoroughly Sanitize Your Sex Toys

The phrase “keep it clean” takes on new significance when discussing sex toys. Properly cleaning your toys after each use—whether solo or partnered—is essential to ward off infections stemming from sex toys. Opt for a premium toy cleaner that is alcohol-free (to avoid damaging the toy’s surface), triclosan-free, and anti-bacterial.

2. Implement Barriers When Sharing

Condoms and other barriers can significantly reduce the risk of passing infections while sharing sex toys. If concerns about vibrator safety are affecting your enjoyment, take steps for protection. Simply covering the sex toy with a condom before each use can help prevent the transmission of bacteria and diseases.

3. Regular Testing Matters

Prioritize your sexual health to confidently engage with your partner(s) in any position you prefer. Regular STI testing is a responsible way to enhance your sexual well-being, regardless of your sexual activity.

Ultimately, the most foolproof method to completely prevent STD transmission through shared sex toys is to refrain from sharing them at all.

Advantages of Incorporating Sex Toys

Integrating sex toys into solo or partnered sexual experiences can trigger the release of a range of health-enhancing chemicals within your body (for more on the health benefits of masturbation, explore various resources). Oxytocin, dopamine, prolactin, and endorphins are among these chemicals, and they can be generated both during self-pleasure and climax.

Amid the wonderful advantages offered by sex toys, it’s still common to question the healthiness of our masturbation practices. Societal shame and stigma can lead some to feel apprehensive about self-love.

However, the euphoric pleasures of any consensual and safe sexual activity should be embraced and enjoyed, whether with a partner, multiple partners, or during moments of self-intimacy—it’s all positive.

In the mood for a playful adventure? Safely sharing sex toys takes satisfaction to an extraordinary level. Our innovative couples’ sex toys provide unparalleled interactivity, allowing you to explore novel dimensions of pleasure, even when physically apart.

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