Places to Visit in Kolmanskop Namibia

Places to Visit in Kolmanskop Namibia

When you’re looking for a place to stay in Namibia, you may be considering Kolmanskop. The colonial town of Luderitz is one of the more popular spots in the region. While the town itself is free to visit, you may want to find a place that charges an entrance fee. The city also has a few places to eat, and you can visit the local museum and restaurant.

To explore the ghost town, you can take a tour of the local mining district. Once the richest town in Namibia, Kolmanskop was a hub for diamond exploration. It even had its own fire station and ice factory. Today, the ghost town attracts hundreds of tourists a year. Located on the Atlantic coast, this town has one of the best deep-water harbors in Africa.

The historical significance of Kolmanskop can be easily gathered from the fact that it was used in several movies. In 1994, the movie Lunarcop was filmed here, and in the first episode of the TV series Wonders of the Universe, it was used to explain entropy. It was also used in the documentary Destination Truth. Agyness Deyn was photographed here by Tim Walker for Vogue UK in May 2011. In April 2011, the photographer Tim Walker photographed Agyness Deyn in Kolmanskop for Vogue UK. The writer Gino Noli published Desert Diamonds while in Plettenberg Bay.

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