Top Tips To Buy Tie For Men

Top tips to buy tie for men

Everyone men wear it but buy it without knowing what to look into it. Although the space of the tie is proportionally small in the men’s wardrobe, there are many that attract people around them. Thus, knowing how to buy the tie is not a rocket science, but is a paramount importance in everyone’s life. Choosing the perfect tie does not involve a single point, but to consider many.

Most of us feel hash to buy this simple and elegant piece and most of us feel that it might require a less attention after everything is completely perfect. Which is not actually true. This is a trap that makes you feel low when you do not wear a perfect tie. With the overwhelming options, choices, colours, and designs in the market, it is highly difficult to match a perfect tie for men to the best outfit that brings you together. As there are many things involved in making the tie including the fabric, kind of cut, the self and patterns on the tie and others, you might have to look into few things to get the tie that matches all your attire.

Here in this article, we will let you know some of the things you need to look into before buying the tie.

  • Choose the prefect proportional tie

Getting the tie that comes in best colour and fabric suiting your body and the attire is quite difficult. For instance, consider the blazer as an outfit and you must consider the size of the tie that dictate the lapels of the blazer to show yourself best. Any mistake might result in unbalanced outlook that draws most of the attention towards you. The best component is to meshes the tie well with the existing look.

  • Look for the fabric

When you are in the market and confused of which factor to consider before buying the tie, check fabric as the first thing. A quality tie usually made from cotton, wool, pure silk and other while you might have to choose the other blend models such as polyester and ensure not to consider the label of the tie and buy it once you feel it with hand. The tie should be felt expensive and comfortable when you touch.

  • Check the cut

Another important thing you must look into is to check if the tie has been cut with the right proportion and cut in a correct bias. Try to pull both the end and when you find that the entire tie is curled up or do not get released back, it means you are holding the wrong one. Try to get the one that is perfect in size and shape.

  • Check for the right pattern

The next think you must look into is the pattern on the tie. With the plethora of patterns and designs available in the market, you must ensure that the pattern is not present anywhere in the outfit you are wearing. For instance, if you are wearing a checked shirt or stripped one, try not to choose the tie that is like any of these patterns and consider getting the dotted or something plain. If you unsure of which one to buy, better fix the solid-coloured tie as they might match to an extent with the outfit. Similarly, when you wear a shirt with large pattern try selecting the shirt with smaller one and vice versa. Ensure to see that the vibrant colour in the shirt is dominant in the tie as well and so if you are unsure just select the solid colour of the tie that is present in the shirt.

  • Length of the tie

There are many ties available in different shapes and sizes. However, an ideal tie that will allow you to wear it with the end that reaches the belt. The main objective of the tie is that it must cover all the shirt buttons down the tie. So, ensure to get a lengthy one that it reaches the belt but not touching it though.

  • Based on the body type

Everyone of us look different just as tie. The knot, design or pattern will impact your look and your appearance. For instance, if you are heavy or stout, men like to dress to look slim and when they are short, they would love to dress themselves to appear tall. In these cases, try going for the black tie and this colour will balance both tall and thin appearance in the men. Choose some simple patterns to avoid any unusual curves.

  • Buy tie based on your weight

Here is another criterion you might have to consider before buying the tie for your outfit. We should see to that if you are thin, you might have to wear a skinny tie to show yourself better and buying a wider tie will show you thinner. Consider taking the ties that are available in horizontal or plaids for slimmer physic as these might add some weight on you.

  • Stitching of the tie

Here is the most crucial aspect of a tie you need to investigate before buying a tie. You must turn the tie backwards and down the way of about three quarters where you will see a stich that pulls both the ends of the tie together. Check if this is a bar or horizontal tack as any other way might not keep your tie in proportion. This will allow for a nice drape for long time and try checking this heavy stich at the back.

  • See the shell of the tie

Another thing you need to consider is the shell of the tie. This means the body of the entire tie and a well baized stitch tie will contain three pieces – blade, tail, and gusset. Seeing these three vital components in the tie is must and Snapdeal will ensure to the quality tie.


So, when you wanted to buy tie for yourself, try considering the above tips that might help you to buy the best one that fits perfectly to your outfit and shows you better together.

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